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Inside The Kimchi Diet, you will get:

  • Answers to why kimchi is the world’s #1 super food
  • Learn how to make and store enough kimchi for your eight-week transformation
  • Understand why homemade kimchi is different than store-bought yogurt, sauerkraut, industrially produced kimchi, or other probiotic foods
  • Discover the truth about why probiotic pills can’t compete with real, natural kimchi
  • How kimchi can help you with weight loss, fighting diabetes, and heart disease
  • How eating kimchi can elevate your mood and alleviate anxiety
  • How to make vegan, paleo, keto, spicy and not-spicy versions of kimchi
  • And much more!

You’ll also get Dr. Bennett’s complete Ultimate Anti-inflammatory Nutrition Plan so that you can eat more healthfully, get the most out of your kimchi, and reset your body from stress. If you’re intimidated by healthy eating, or simply confused by it, these recipes are for you!

The Kimchi Diet will deliver the BREAKTHROUGH you’ve been searching for as it walks you through an eight-week, step-by-step plan to make, ferment, and store kimchi in your own home, giving you all the health benefits of this plant-based food (and its powerful probiotic content).

The Kimchi Diet will help you feel lighter, happier, and full of energy, providing your family with all the joys and health benefits of kimchi that people in Korea have known for millennia.

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